Jerry A. Peraza


Born 1967 Aztec, Yaqui and German decent, in Daly City Ca. and raised in SSF Ca... Music had started at a very young age, Dad would come home late at night, pull me out of bed and start the music - Santana, El Chicano, Cal Tjader, Mongo Santamaria, Willie Bobo and the like - my favorites where the Grande Mariachi bands with their harps, trumpets and violins... Dad would hand me a cow bell and drum stick saying "shave and a hair cut - two bits" - clave... Junior High Jazz class was the first drum kit experience and the first song ever played was "Hello Dolly"... In High School there was Jazz Band where I played with Jeff Chimenti who is now with the Greatful Dead and many other Bay area Greats, we had Concert Band and Symphonic Band with our Amazing and supportive teacher Mr. Mike Galisatus... Mr. G. had started Jeff and I in his little 4 piece Jazz band, he would get us gigs at local places and Mike played the horn...

After High school started the Rock bands, Latin bands, Indie bands, Country bands and then the Blues, resinating most with the Latin... Then came the big Soul and Funk bands throughout the 90's playing both drums and congas... In 2001, sitting on the couch pondering music, Life and 9/11 - that little voice said "go to Guitar Center and get a 4 track", within 3 hours of purchasing the 4 track and one SM57 - the tune "The Sunday Ride" on the album Namaste was complete, the whole album was finished in just 5 days... In 2007 there was a Vision, in that Vision I had drawn on paper the layout for 5 albums, their colors, directions, spirit animals and even medicines - I knew that I was to relate them to my Native Spirituality... The 5 albums together are called Music Medicine - music created with the Intention of producing a Healing vibration, Inspired by my Native roots and Spirituality...   Listen and Purchase Music Medicine Here...!

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